Boris Ekner

I’m a photographer based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

My interest in photography began in 1969, at age 7, when I got my first camera as a Christmas gift. It was a Kodak Instamatic, the worlds first snapshot camera and a wordwide success story. A few years later I got my own darkroom. Asd you might understand I have had a camera ever since.

Today I shoot hummingbirds, people, and landscapes. 

- No, I don't shoot weddings.

With the above said I have more than 50 years experience as a photographer. That doesn't mean I'm any kind of an expert or a professional. Let me assure you, I am nothing of the kind. - But I do have a serious interest in photography.

Some say that the camera is the key for taking great pictures. - If that is correct, a good stove should be able to cook a great meal, right? 

Meaning, a good photographeer can take good pictures with a bad camera, but a bad photographer cannot take good pictures with a good camera. - No matter the one behind the camera, it is the photographer who takes the picture, not the camera. The camera is just the tool used.